#39 Moa – Methode

Moa Methode

Name: Moa Methode
Brewery: Moa (Malborough, New Zealand)
Style: Pilsener
ABV: 5.5%
Source: Fort Street Union

Arg. So much frustration – so little time!

Today  I planned to have an Epic/Dogfish Portamarillo, so nipped out on my lunch break to O’Carrolls where I had seen it for sale few weeks ago.

But no – O’Carrolls was packed and I wasn’t going to get a seat, so I went off to try and find the new bar on Fort St that’s apparently selling Hallertau. Unfortunately I’m useless at finding anything unless I have the address punched into my iPhone, so I walked frantically in circles for 10 minutes before giving up.

Running out of time and getting desperate, I went up to Fort St Union, a vast and lively place that had one craft beer which I readily bought. It was the Moa Methode.

I’d heard  good things about this beer so I was perfectly happy to be drinking it instead of the Portamarillo, which I would get to later. It arrived in a Moa glass, on which was written “Handcrafted Super Premium Beverage”, which I assume is a joke – a tongue-in-cheek prod at big commercial brewers who employ this kind of marketing gumph regularly.

I didn’t get much of an aroma beyond a normal lagery smell and a bit of fruity hops. It was served a lot colder than the beers I drink at home, so that might be why. The flavours were clearer when I tasted it – flowery hops, honey, and a citrusy bitter edge. It was subtle, well-balanced, and a would be a magical thirst-quencher on a hot day.

To be honest it didn’t turn me on massively, but then lager-style beers generally don’t (except the Emerson’s Pilsener – I love that beer!) It’s obviously a good brew – just not really my thing.

I popped into O’Carrolls on my way back to the office thinking I’d just test-drive the Portamarillo before I had one as my beer of the day, but apparently it sold out a month ago. I really, really want to try this beer because I love tamarillos, so if anyone out there is hiding a secret stash then I beseech you to share one with me!

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  1. Next time we’re in the city, we can meet up and drop you a bottle 🙂

    • That would be awesome, thanks so much! 😀

  2. I just saw some Portamarillo in a bottle shop in Portland, but I’m guessing that’s not much help to you… That said the Epic guys on Twitter @EpicBeer and @EpicBeerKel are super helpful if you’re looking for their brews. Good luck!

    • See, told you!

    • Portland is on my to-do list… Perhaps it’s the excuse I’ve been waiting for??

      • A beer lover needs no excuse to go to Portland. It’s like Mecca. Beer is awesome and reasonably cheap and no sales tax!

  3. […] that I wasted most of my lunch break last Friday trying to find before eventually settling for a Moa Methode. Thankfully the boys from Epic answered my distress call and kindly donated me this […]

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