#37 Tuatara & Galbraith’s – Vasta’s Velvet

Vasta's Velvet Name: Vasta’s Velvet
Brewery: Galbraith Brewing Co. & Carl Vasta (head brewer at Tuatara)
Style: Cask Conditioned Stout
ABV: 6%
Source: Galbraith’s Alehouse

I feel like I’m a bit late posting this because this beer was released a whole week and a half ago, which sounds ridiculous except that it’s probably only going to be around for another week – less if I go back to Galbraith’s in the weekend and drink it all.

This was actually one of three collaboration beers that I tried last night – along with Mike’s/Liberty Brewing’s Taranaki Pale Ale, and the Yeastie Boys/Malthouse Lady Marmalade. They were all worth writing about, but I went to Galbraith’s specifically for the Vasta’s Velvet so I’m picking that one for my post.

And guess what? It was bloody lovely! It smelled like Christmas at Grandma Jane’s house – sweet sherry, dried fruit and chocolate, with more savoury flavours coming through on the tongue. There was marmite, malt, lightly toasted wood and a spicy dry bitterness to finish. It was smooth as butter and had a full mouthfeel without being thick or sticky. I’d say it’s the perfect beer for a rainy evening (and lord knows we’re not short of those) at a cosy pub like Galbraiths.

I’m worried I won’t get to write posts on Lady M or the Taranaki Pale Ale  because they’ll probably be gone when I next go back to Galbraith’s (why can’t I write posts from my tastings last night? Because my complicated blog rules forbid it, that’s why), so I’d like to Big Up them both now. The Mike’s/Liberty IPA was a crisp and joyous explosion of fruity/bitter hops, and the Yeastie Boys Lady M was a tasty, well-balanced and highly sessionable English Ale.

Claps all round!

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  1. The Velvet is indeed wondrous. I tried the TPA at Beervana and it was one of my favourite beers of the whole event. I’m hoping to sneak in a pint or two of Lady Marmalade when I’m in Wellington next week.

    Good to meet you last Friday too! I’m really enjoying your project.

    • Yeah, the TPA took me by complete surprise as I hadn’t heard anything about it before – so tasty! Nice to meet you too, see you at Galbraith’s again no doubt 🙂

  2. TPA has been extremly popular down here.

  3. Merkin.

  4. I loved this beer. Reminded me of drinking stout in London – not so much the cask conditioning, but rather that it never screamed ‘look at me, aren’t I awesome’ like many new world craft beers. Joyous in its subtlety and a simple job done well.

    • Theres alot to be said for brewing solid complex well made beers. Everything doesnt have to be fireworks, sometimes an evening spent in front of an open fire is just as good if not better.

      Hows that for an analogy 🙂

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