#38 Het Anker – Gouden Carolus Classic

Gouden Carolus ClassicName: Gouden Carolus Classic
Brewery: Brouwerij Het Anker (Mechelen, Belgium)
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Source: The Beer Store

Once again I am reminded that drinking a really strong beer before dinner is not conducive to writing blog posts. When will I learn?

This is one I got from the Beer Store without knowing anything about it. I can’t remember why I chose it, but I imagine I probably applied my super scientific method of comparing the price with the ratebeer.com score, and then getting totally confused and just buying it anyway.

The aroma was quite complex, yet appealed to me on the simplest  level. Basically it smelled like a delicious dessert. Mum used to make us these apples that were cored and stuffed with brown sugar and raisins then cooked in the microwave so they’d come out all sticky and soft, and I guess it smelled kinda like that. But then it also smelled like ripe banana and something creamy, like custard or yoghurt. And also alcohol. (I should really work on being more concise…)

In the mouth I got a big hit of sweetness up front, then flavours of sticky dried fruits (prunes, dates, figs) and toffee. There was a light bitterness at the finish but it was pretty overwhelmed by the sweetness.

My instant reaction was that it was too sweet for me – something I would have loved five years ago but not so much now – but as I got through it I realised I was enjoying it. It’s a once-in-a-while beer – strong and rich, and would be perfect to have as a treat with dessert. Or at least with dinner. Definitely not on an empty stomach before trying to write…

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