Lucky Beer Club

A few weeks ago I decided to start a club – much like a book club, only instead of talking about the hidden meanings and metaphors in literature, we would drink delicious beer. I called it, Lucky Beer Club.

We had our first ‘official meeting’ on Sunday. The deal was that everybody brought along two bottles of one type of beer (I was very strict with my rules – scarily so), and we divided them up between everyone then voted for our favourite at the end.

Although none of the attendees were beer geeks, they are a sophistimicated bunch and so no-one bought along a 6-pack of Lion Ice as the girl at Glengarry’s assured me they would. Nearly everyone bought something they had never tried before – including me, who contributed some 8 Wired The Sultan which I thought was a safe bet.

We had, in this order:
1. Epic Pale Ale
2. Fullers Organic Honey Dew
3. Hopwired 8 Wired
4. Chimay Blue
5. Moa Five Hop
6. Emerson’s Dunkel
7. 8 Wired The Sultan
8.  Black Duck Porter
9. Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude

Some latecomers also showed up with some Epic Armageddon and and Hallertau Maximus IPA, but that was after we’d finished the official tasting.

The beer that got the most votes was Chimay Blue, closely followed by Hopwired and then Epic Pale Ale. The person who brought the Chimay (Dave – I’m glad he won because he baked us delicious pretzels) won a bottle of Renaissance Stonecutter. I personally voted for the Hopwired, but I really want to try the Sultan again when I don’t have this damn blocked nose. I could tell it was rich and interesting, and it made my saliva glands go crazy – a good sign?

Of course, the funniest was the last tasting, Rex Attitude, which almost everyone hated. Comments ranged from “I actually kinda like it,” to “I feel like my mouth is scarred for life,” with not much in between.

Here are some pics by Georgie Craw (who brought the Emerson’s). Click to enlarge if you want a proper perve.

Beer Snacks

Dave hates Rex

Big thanks to the Lucky Beer Clubbers for making it so fun. I’m planning on holding another one in about a month, so get in touch if you want to come along!

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  1. I actually didn’t hate the Rex, the photo of me looking at it is more a look of fear at the witchery that must be at work inside this bottle than of hate. Later that evening I thought back to it with fondness, but still definitely something I would not buy a 6 pack of to drink over an evening. Ones enough.

    • You need to have three before your palate has adapted enough to know if you like it or not.

      I’ve met a few people who say – “hated it”, then “intrigued by it”, and finally “love it”.

      Personally I wouldn’t serve it at the end of a tasting, its subtle side works better on a fresh palate (I did give Alice advanced warning about that).

      • I’ve also met weirdo’s like me who loved it straight off the bat… kindred spirits.

      • Three Stu? Three? I don’t think I’ll ever make it to the end of three, but I’m willing to give it a try.

  2. To be fair, at least three of us at the tasting really loved it and everyone else thought it was at least incredibly interesting. And while I’m sure Rex may have tasted better on a fresh palate, I was worried it would have too much of an effect on the beers coming after it.

  3. I hope the Armageddon was at least drunk after the official tasting! 🙂

    • Of course! I may be strict but I’m not crazy…

  4. Where How ? sitting in Galbraiths wondering when the next review of the lineup happens.

  5. Sorry, I hate to do this because I love the blog but… The past tense to bring is “brought” not “bought”. Your mates may have bought beers at the shop, but they brought them to your place. Like fingernails down a blackboard for me.

    • Oh god, I agree this is terrible and I’ll amend at once! I often write these in such a rush that all sorts of ugly errors get through… Feel free to proof-read & correct at any time 🙂

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