#36 Green Flash – Hop Head

Green Flash Hop HeadName: Hop Head
Brewery: Green Flash (San Diego, California)
Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 7%
Source: The Beer Store

Sometimes a beer is so delicious that it’s gone before I’ve made any notes. This was one of them.

It always looks so wrong to me when I type swear words, but I’ll have to do it anyway because this beer was f**king delicious. (the stars help a bit, no?)

As soon as I smelled it, two distinct childhood memories of my parents in the kitchen came to mind. One was of Dad making dark bread – the jug of frothy yeast and sticky dark malt from a tin, and another was of Mum’s marmalade – bubbling hot and on the verge of turning to toffee. It was a heavenly and nostalgic aroma, and I sniffed it like a maniac because only the cat was watching.

The taste, I think, was the similar – but richer, spicier, and with a dry bitterness that lingered on the roof of my mouth. It was full-bodied, refreshing, and cruelly moreish.

I wish I could tell you more, but all that’s left is some foamy lacing on the glass. Thankfully this beer isn’t too hard to find, so hop on down (pun intended – always intended) to your nearest craft beer outlet and try some for yourself!

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