#33 Moo Brew – Hefeweizen

Moo Brew HefeweizenName: Hefeweizen
Brewery: Moo Brew (Tasmania, Australia)
Style: German wheat beer
ABV: 5.1%
Source: McCoppins, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Before I start drinking this I should explain that I am sick. I don’t feel terrible, but my nose is blocked and my throat is bloody sore. Obviously that means I’m in no position to properly judge a beer, but what can you do? 365 days means 365 days…

So this is a Hefeweizen, aka “Yeastwheat”, and is a German-style wheat beer from Moo Brew in Tasmania. While I didn’t like this bottle shape at first, I’ve decided that it’s actually kinda classy. The label is quite cool too – although it’s so gloomy it makes me think of that book The Road rather than the cheerful little beer it’s supposed to be.

You know what? Screw it. It’s such a nice day. I’m going to go and drink this on the deck. Be back soon.


As you can see from those stars which indicate the passing of time, I am back now, and a little bit drunk.

Hefe poured the usual cloudy straw colour of a wheat beer, but the head was a bit smaller than I was expecting for this style. I got an aroma of not much (owing to the blocked nose), but a bit of those usual banana/clove characteristics that wheat beers have.

Unsurprisingly it tasted a bit bland, but I could at least tell it was quite nice and dry, slightly sour, and pretty highly carbonated. The mouthfeel was fairly light, and it felt like burning sandpaper as it went down my throat. (The sickness perhaps?)

I won’t drag this pitiful commentary out any further, except to say that I don’t think Hefeweizen is a style I’m in love with – something about it just makes me think of Just Juice Bubbles. My mind is always open however, so if you know of one that will potentially rock my world, let me know!

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  1. I have a saying “the best time to drink wheat beer is after all the other beers of the world have been drunk”
    It’s not a great saying but it is mine. Totally personal opinion but I’m with you Hefeweizen. That said you should probibly try a nice fresh German one before filing the judgement.

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