#32 Matilda Bay – Fat Yak

Matilda Brewing Company Fat Yak Name: Fat Yak
Brewery: Matilda Bay Brewing Co. (Fremantle, WA, Australia)
ABV: 4.7%
Style: American Pale Ale
Source: Skysport Grill (or some such name), The Viaduct.

Ooookay. So I’m feeling a tad sheepish about this post because a) I can’t say much at all about the beer and b) it’s because of that thing that I planned not to mention entirely… The Rugby.

I meant to leave work yesterday and go straight home and diligently drink my bottle of Ozzie beer, but instead I got caught in a rip tide of rugby mania and was swept down to the Viaduct. I tried to find Andrew Andrew Bar, which I had heard had a great craft beer selection, but ended up at a place called, I think, The Skysport Grill.

Despite the very unpromising name, it turned out that they had quite a bit of good beer on tap! There were all the usual suspects of course, but also Epic, Tuatara, Renaissance, and Moa. And, they even had an Australian beer!

I had forgotten about Fat Yak actually – this is one of the few Australian brews that does seem to be available for purchase in NZ, and I’m glad to be able to write about something that people can actually go and try.

I wish I could give you a detailed description of what it was like, but it’s very hard to take notes when you’re standing in a crowded bar. I remember I thought it was pleasant and easy-to-drink, if a little simple, and there was a bit of citrusy hoppiness but nothing extreme. I suppose not everyone likes their pale ale’s to be in-your-face hoppy – like my dad for instance – and this is probably a good option for those who can appreciate the art of subtlety.

Me, I’m probably not one of those people, which is why I went across to Andrew Andrew straight afterwards and drank a Hop Zombie.

You know what I just noticed? That guy in the back of my photo was from Shortland Street. He probably thought I was pretending to take a photo of my beer just to get him. Yeah right!

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