#30 2 Brothers Voodoo Baltic Porter

2 Brothers Voodoo Baltic Porter Name: Voodoo Baltic Porter
Brewery: 2 Brothers (Melbourne, Australia)
Style: Baltic Porter
ABV: 6.4%
Source: McCoppins – Fitzroy, Melbourne

It’s Day 3 of Australia week, and I’ve decided this is the last time that I’m going to place any week-long restrictions on the kind of beer I can drink. It’s not that tonight’s beer was bad – I just really wanted to go to Deep Creek for dinner. The life of a blogger is awful tough sometimes…

Tonight’s beer is from a brewery I hadn’t heard of before – 2 Brothers in Melbourne, and is a seasonal (winter) release.

It pours the colour of coke – but thicker and hazier – and actually looked heaps like coke at first because the glass was a bit dirty and therefore quite bubbly. Luckily I learned a neat trick of banging the glass on the table so that the bubbles disappear and I don’t get told off by Luke.

I couldn’t get much of an aroma, despite some very enthusiastic sniffing – just a bit of malty sweetness and bitter coffee. The taste was a bit stronger than I was expecting – quite rich and full – with a sticky sweetness that lasts right through. There was some decent bitterness as well, but the sweetness overtook it at the end. The carbonation was a little more prickly than the porters I’ve had recently, and the effect was that it really did remind me of coke. I’m not totally sure about flavours to be honest (raisins, coffee, chocolate I suppose) – whatever they were they were subtle. This beer wasn’t lacking in oopmh the way last night’s was, I think it just would have been nicer if the flavours had a bit more complexity.

I actually enjoyed this beer and would drink it again if I was in Melbourne, but whenever I have a slightly sticky porter now I can’t help but think of Gonzo and compare it. Perhaps I need to ban myself from porters/stouts (what’s the difference by the way?) for a few weeks until the sweet memory of that beer stops intruding.

Then again, I think I’d better not try to make any more rules.

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