Australian Beer Week!

Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places (I was always better at losing things than finding them), but I’ve been wondering lately where all the Australian craft beers are at. I’ve looked at a few spots around Auckland as well as online, and all I can really find is Little Creatures Pale Ale.

I guess Australia has a bit of a reputation as being a lager-swilling nation, but so does New Zealand and there’s heaps of craft beer being made here. And Australians (at least the pack of lushes ones in my family) seem to share our love of good food and fine wine, which surely goes hand-in-hand with beer appreciation. Cogito, Ergo, Something – It just seems to me that Australia should be making lots of great beer.

So are they? I have no idea. All I know is that I’m going to dedicate this entire week to Australian beer in a noble effort to learn more.

All of the beers came from a cool little liquor store in Fitzroy, Melbourne (the name of which I’ll have by my next post) and were picked out for my mum by a helpful guy who worked in the shop.

I actually have 12, but will narrow it down to the 7 that look the most promising for this week. And by most promising I probably mean prettiest label seeing as I don’t know anything about them.

So, stick around for Australian craft beer week on Beer for a Year. At least one of them is apparently a real ripper!

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