#28 Little Creatures The Dreadnought

Little Creatures The DreadnoughtName: The Dreadnought (Single Batch)
Brewery: Little Creatures (Fremantle, Australia)
Style: Foreign Stout
ABV: 7.4%
Source: McCoppins (Fitzroy, Melbourne)

Despite really disliking the bottle shape (probably because it reminds me of how I might look at the end of this year), The Dreadnought is now the second best Australian beer I’ve ever had. Sure I’ve only tried seven and two of them are VB and Fosters, but that doesn’t stop this from being a winner!

The Dreadnought (foreboding name huh), is a foreign stout, and is the latest single batch release from Little Creatures.

When I poured my first glass – pitch black with a small head – I was feeling slightly unenthused at the thought of drinking another rich, gloopy stout. I was thirsty, and I didn’t want to spend all night with an ISH (Imperial Stout Headache) which I’ve had a few too many times already in the past week.

Thankfully this turned out to be completely different.

The aroma is tricky to describe – nothing overwhelming, just some sweetnesss, a bit like a banana lolly I reckoned, and a hint of savoury smokiness.

It was lighter and more refreshing than I’d expected, and the flavours were pleasant and uncomplicated. I imagined a hint of soy, licorice, and roasted coffee, but if it tasted like any of those things then it wasn’t overt. What I can be sure of is the bitterness, which lasted right though and gave it a lovely crisp edge. I know I’m supposed to drink craft beer really s l o w l y – but beers like this make that almost impossible.

And now… I’ve been waiting for an excuse to get Talking Heads into a post, and I think I better take my opportunity now. Here’s a great song called And She Was, from the Talking Heads album, Little Creatures!

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  1. Okay, now I’m jealous. I’m dead keen to try this one — and do have a bottle on the way; I’m trading with a helpful Australian. Little Creatures are a real favourite of mine (for circumstantial reasons as much as for the loveliness of their beer), and I really enjoyed the much-lighter Oatmeal Stout (also a “Single Batch”) that they made last year.

    From your reaction, I’m in for a treat. I’ll probably just camp out by the letterbox once I know mine’s in the post.

  2. Agree about their Oatmeal Stout, love that beer!

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