#23 Hallertau Maximus Humulus Lupulus

Hallertau Maximus Humulus LupusName: Maximus Humulus Lupulus
Brewery: Hallertau (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.8%
Source: Victoria Park New World

I’d been feeling quite weary all of yesterday after Tuesday’s late-night imperial stout, and all I’d been craving was a comfort beer. Preferably a Bookbinder – to be drunk while lying in bed watching 30 Rock.

But no no no, that’s not how this works!

I decided to go for something else I knew I liked – a Hallertau Maximus Humulus Lupulus. Quite a mouthful isn’t it? I remember I first tried this at the Malthouse two, maybe even three years ago (I used to work right opposite it, those were the days!). It was one of the first ‘big hop’ beers I’d tried, around the same time as the Epic Armaggedon I recall. I remember it being great then and it was great again last night.

Doesn’t the colour look gorgeous in that picture? That’s partly my fantastic iPhotography skills, partly the lovely hazy golden hue of MHL.

“Humulus Lupulus” is the fancy name for hops, and naturally that’s what this beer tastes like. Lots and lots of lovely, floral, fruity hops. I tasted citrus fruits, berries, passionfruit maybe (?) and a touch of honey, which I suppose is really malt…

I really like this one because while the hops give off massive amounts of flavour, it doesn’t get too angry if you know what I mean. The bitterness is restrained to a nice kick at the end, making it dry and moreish and easier-than-you-would-think to drink that entire 750ml bottle. (I kid, I shared it, honest!)

While we’re on the subject of Hallertau, who wants to be a sober driver and take me out to the brewery for lunch? Nobody, apparently, which is why I haven’t been yet. Thankfully my boyfriend just got back from a 7 week tour and I think he owes me, so this Sunday could be the day…

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