#17 8 Wired Hopwired IPA

8 Wired Hopwired IPAName: Hopwired IPA
Brewer: 8 Wired (brewed at Rennaissance Brewing)
Style: IPA
ABV: 7.3%
Source: Victoria Park New World (Akl)

OK Alice…. fingers off the caps lock key…be cool, be cool.


I know anyone who might be reading this will have already tried this beer heaps of times and like, ages ago, but I’ve been out of the loop for a while so just excuse me while I catch up.

What can I say? It was love at first sniff. Literally, this beer was about four inches away from my nostrils when my eyes actually welled up (a tiny bit) with joy.

The aroma is sensational! Like a lush tropical fruit bowl filled with watermelon, peaches, grapefruit and pineapple, topped with caramel sauce. I actually loved the smell so much that I tipped the beer out of my nifty Arrogant Bastard Ale glass and into a red wine glass in order to get the full effect. Then I proceeded to sniff it with my eyes closed like some kind of whacked-out junkie for 10 minutes, presumably scaring my flatmates who had left by the time I stopped.

When I finally got to sipping it, all those lovely fruity hops morphed into a citrusy, dry bitter finish. It was… just right.

I really can’t wait to try the rest of the beers from 8 Wired, who earlier this month were crowned champion New Zealand brewery at the BrewNZ Beer Awards. I’m predicting I’ll have an equally emotional excited reaction to The Big Smoke Porter, but haven’t yet seen it in on the shelves in Auckland. Anyone got a tip off?

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  1. Can’t, stop, dreaming, about, beer…

  2. I know Galbraiths and Brew on Quay have Big Smoke in their fridges if you’re out on the town. Last night I also saw Galbraiths had 8Wired’s The Sultan which is a great drop too

  3. Excellent, might have to be beer for lunch today then. Got some glasses from Stevens BTW, thanks for the tip!

  4. Seriously this my favorite beer at the moment

  5. […] and I’m pleased to report that it is in fact hoppy. Not in that sweet, tropical fruit-bowl (Hopwired) kinda way, but in a bitter, grapefruity citrus piney kinda way. (I never said I was good at […]

  6. […] had, in this order: 1. Epic Pale Ale 2. Fullers Organic Honey Dew 3. Hopwired 8 Wired 4. Chimay Blue 5. Moa Five Hop 6. Emerson’s Dunkel 7. 8 Wired The Sultan 8.  Black Duck […]

  7. Yep, still loving this. Best beer, no exaggeration that I’ve ever had. I too was like some deranged junkie upon taking in the “nose” ( yes if ever a beer deserved wine w*** it would be this one).
    Absolute gold.

    If you like this one, I suggest that you give the Hallertu Beastwars Ltd Edition a go too.

  8. That would be Hallertau. Oh and yes, your blog is fantastic btw. New reader and absolutely loving it 🙂

    • Thanks Matt! This post seems so long ago now… I was so bright-eyed and enthusiastic! Still love Hopwired though, must try and find the fresh hopped version up here…

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