#16 Yeastie Boys Fools Gold

Yeastie Boys Fools GoldName: Fools Gold
Brewery: Yeastie Boys (Wellington, New Zealand)
Style: English Pale Ale
ABV: 4.2%
Source: The Beer Store

Before you ask, yes, that is a jar with a handle that I’m drinking out of. I’m sorry OK? I live in a quirky flat full of musicians and we think this kind of thing is fun.

Fools Gold! I was very excited about trying this one because a) it came in a plain bottle which gave it the charming impression of being a home brew, and b) Yeastie Boys beers are pretty much my favourite.

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting – something that required a lot of intellectual analysis I think – but this wasn’t it. It’s uncomplicated, delicate, really quite tasty and perfectly sessionable (I only just learnt that word recently – it means we can drink it for hours, right?)

Because the flavours are subtle I’m not sure I can easily describe it. The official style is (correct me if I’m wrong) an English Pale Ale, but it’s got a nice hoppy bite that I associate with NZ versions of the style. It’s really refreshing and would cut through a big plate of fish ‘n chips like a charm. I’d love to drink this again in summer but I imagine there won’t be any around… Not unless I buy a big case from beerstore.co.nz and stash it away. Seeing as I’m currently overtaking our kitchen with strange bottle of beer I think my flatmates would not appreciate that.

Now listen to the sweet jam it was named after!

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  1. The most flattering description of this was “like Landlord on a New Zealand holiday”.


  2. I think that Yeastie Boys is one of the best names for a brewery too.

  3. Fools Gold by the Stone Roses! Nice taste in music, I must say. Good taste in beer too.

  4. Flattering but sincere. Would love to be able to get something like this regulary.

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