Hi there folks,

The blog has had a decent amount of traffic in the last few days, which is good, but to be honest I’m feeling a teensy bit self-conscious about what people (especially the qualified beer-geeks out there) might think of it. I thought it might be a good time for a little explanation of what I’m up to.

As you can tell from my tastings so far – several of which talk about beer as if they are men I’d like to date – I am not a beer tasting expert. I’m really just an excited fan, trying to learn as much as I can by way of a ridiculous 365 day tasting schedule.

This means several things.

It means that I will quite often use the wrong glass. I will often say that things taste “hoppy”, “malty”, or “yum”, and I probably won’t ever detect complicated characteristics like oysters or defecated coffee beans .

It also means that I’m not going to “review” the beer. I won’t give star ratings – partly because I think they’re stupid anyway, and partly because they wouldn’t be of much value coming from a newbie. This whole thing is a learning process for me, and not me trying to tell people what’s good and what’s not.

In summary – if it’s expert opinion you’re after then sorry, this ain’t the place. If it’s unbridled enthusiasm and the ocassional dirty glass, then by all means pull up a stool!



PS – kidding about the dirty glass. I pinky promise  that will never, ever happen again.

PPS – I really like food as well as beer. Look at the entire antipasto platter I ate for lunch on Sunday! I got it from SPQR which sadly didn’t have any craft beers on the menu.

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  1. Keep up the good work but stop putting pics of your sister on here as it stops me thinking about the beer

  2. Ha, ha… Alice!! I didn’t know you were a Rex fan. I was wondering who it was writing this… then I saw your name above I thought “surely not?”… and then the picture. The first journalist to ever write a published piece about Yeastie Boys.

    Look forward to more. But I do hope it doesn’t turn our like My Year of Meat…

    Stu McKinlay (with an ‘a’).

    ps. I’ll have Rex call you.

    • Indeed Stu McKinlay with an ‘a’ (I have ammended the post), ’tis I!

      I didn’t know I wrote the first ever Yeastie Boys article ever… And I thought my biggest journalism claim to fame was the story “Old Smoky still Smokin” (which was not about beer, but New Zealand’s oldest cat).

      I will drink an Orval in your honour soon…

  3. Loving some of the non-beer geek descriptions. Trouble with beer geeks is that they can tend to pick up on the descriptors that other beer geeks use and then everyone starts repeating them… and you start hearing the same thing over and over. I might have heard treacle mentioned before, but never “something like the strong, dark treacle that my grandma used to give me on a spoon as a kid”.

  4. […] in some small way.  Alice Galletly is attempting 365 beers in 365 days and her agenda is clear.  An unqualified beer-geek with buckets of enthusiasm and a yearning for the learning, embarked on […]

  5. Hi Alice, recently found your blog and its great. I have enough trouble writing an entry once a month. I too have a schedule but with no time limit. I decided I wanted to try every beer brewed in NZ! We (“abeerclub” with me as founding member) am about to hit 200. I too put up mostly drunken notes rather than “tasting notes” No doubt some of the samples from later in the evening will have been tainted by those from earlier, particularly when strong. Anyway I’m enjoying the blog. So as to not to use your blog to advertise mine, let me know if you want a look and I can forward for your amusement or boredom. I won’t be offended either way.

    • Hey JT, thanks for the comment – glad you’re enjoying the blog 🙂
      That sounds like a really cool idea. It’ll keep you busy though – it seems there’s a new beer being brewed every day in NZ! And if you want to try everything you’ll have to do a bit of a road trip to Auckland visit places like Galbraiths’ Brewery Britomart and Deep Creek.
      Please do send me the link to your blog – I’d love to see it. Cheers, Aice.

      • Oh look, I just spelled my own name wrong.


        Will probably be up in Auckland next month so will definitely head to one or more of them. Will also be heading to Welly for BrewNZ thingy.

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