#10 Mash Up Collaboration Ale

Mash Up Collaboration Ale Name: Mash Up
Brewer: NZ Craft Beer TV/Epic/Everyone else
 Style: New Zealand Pale Ale
ABV: 6%
Source: Victoria Park New World

I’m sure I’m not alone here when I say there are certain things that make me feel a twinge of embarrasment at being a Noo Zulunder (i.e. the Abstain for the Game campaign, Dancing with the Stars, and Sally Ridge), and then there things which make me all fuzzy and proud.

One thing I’m really proud of is how many top-quality beers are produced here. There were over 200 different beers at this years Beervana, which is really quite a lot for a country who’s  population is overwhelmingly outnumbered by sheep.

Mash Up is a celebration of this:  a collaboration between 44 New Zealand craft breweries which is said to summarise the current state of craft beer in NZ. It came about after Kelly Ryan from Epic travelled the length of the country in 17 days, visiting breweries, picking the brewers brains, and presumably drinking a hell of a lot of beer. After the trip – which was filmed for something called NZ Craft Beer TV – Mash Up was produced, combining not the actual beer (thank god), but  the philosophies of all 44 brewers.

The result is a really lovely, easy-drinking summer ale. It’s quite fruity, with citrusy grapefruit/marmalade flavours and an initial sweetness leading to a hoppy, bitter finish. Although this is technically not an Epic beer, my brain went “Epic, Epic, Epic!” as soon as I tasted it. Maybe it was just psychological (the bottle is the same as Epic’s, after all), maybe not.

10 bottles of beer on the wall!

PS: I know I said today’s beer was going to be the Hop Zombie, but I decided to save it for the weekend given the 8.5% ABV and the Party in my Mouth I’m expecting to experience.

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  1. looking forward to seeing the rest of your tastings..
    hit me up if you need a sampling buddy in Auckland cbd.

  2. I also had the privilege of travelling with Kelly around the country as part of NZ Craft Beer TV. It was a massively fun trip

  3. Thanks Mike, I’m in dire need of sampling buddies in AK and also tips on good drinking-holes. Perhaps you can help with both…
    And Luke – I bet it was. Is any of the the footage available yet? (Update – just found it on the RealBeer site, look forward to watching)

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