#4 Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude

Yeastie Boys Rex AttitudeName: Rex Attitude
Brewer: Yeastie Boys (Wellington, NZ)
Style: Peat smoked ale
ABV: 7%

“They said it couldn’t be done, that it would be undrinkable, that we couldn’t use more than 5% heavy peated malt in a beer. So we carefully considered their advice and went with 100% instead.” – Yeastie Boys website.

Is it possible to have a crush on a beer? If it is then I’m crushing hard for Mr. Attitude.

I first met Rex last weekend at Beervana, just after running into green-trousered Yeastie Boy Stu McKinlay. Stu was exuding a strong smoky aroma which he attributed to his Logan Brown venison burger, but I suspect that it may actually have been Rex seeping from his pores.

Call it the thrill of the new, but I was genuinely ecstatic when I first tasted this beer. It’s a lot like single malt whiskey – the peaty varieties like Laphroaig – but there’s much more to it. It’s a night I spent camping on Makara beach as a kid. It’s a foul tar-based shampoo that my stepmum uses. It’s burning tyres or charred barbecued aubergine, and an abomination or genius depending on who you ask.

I just finished my first full bottle and I honestly think Rex is lovely. It’s intense without being aggressive, slightly sweet and floral, and surprisingly refreshing. I’d drink it with kippers or smoky bacon for breakfast, or in front of the fire late at night.

I love you Rex. Call me.

PS: You can listen to this while you drink it if you want. I…. Probably won’t.

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