#1 Emerson’s Bookbinder

Emerson's Bookbinder

Name: Bookbinder
Brewer: Emerson’s (Dunedin, NZ)
Style: English Ale
ABV: 3.7%

As soon as first I had the idea for this project (which was only two hours ago), I knew that I wanted Emerson’s Bookbinder to be my first entry.

If there are beers that you go out and have wild, unforgettable one night stands with (Rex Attitude, I’ll get to you soon), then ‘Booky’ is the kind of beer I would want to marry.

You could take Booky to a barbecue and feel relaxed knowing he’d get along well with everyone there. You would leave him on his own to mingle, occasionally looking over to catch him impressing small children with magic tricks, or entertaining your friends with a hilarious fishing anecdote. He’s an anywhere, anytime kinda beer.

Over-extended metaphor aside: Bookbinder is a lovely take on a classic English ale, with enough bitter hops to keep things interesting, a refreshing dry finish, and a low alcohol content which makes it the perfect long-term companion.

One bottle of beer on the wall!

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  2. […] these facts I discerned that if Bookie is the beer I want to marry and Rex is my choice for an illicit affair, then Lagunitas beers are a gang I’d like to go to […]

  3. […] late-night imperial stout, and all I’d been craving was a comfort beer. Preferably a Bookbinder – to be drunk in bed while watching 30 […]

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